The Church of Black Coffee is a registered non-profit organization with the State of Washington.

The Church of Black Coffee exists in order to pursue greater understanding of the world around us. Toward the end of furthering our collective intelligence, we will focus on three areas of philanthropy. 


Our goal is to encourage a higher level of thought, and this just is the act of education. The Church will be looking for organizations whose aims are similar to ours, and raising funds for those programs. We would like to create books, zines, videos, and other content ourselves as well, and distribute these freely. We would like to establish, and compensate, a staff for making these things happen. Finally, as a church, our goal is to host weekly congregations to have discussions about the universe, morality, literature, and so much more.

Social Services

It’s been established that human beings are more capable of complex thought when they are fed, clothed, and sheltered. The brain prioritizes achieving these basic needs before taking on more complicated ideas. As such, The Church will be looking to donate to organizations such as food banks, tiny house villages, clothing donations, clean water supply, workforce training, and more. This is another area in which we’d like to supply goods directly to those in need, for example through the establishment of a food bank garden.

Importantly, this aspect includes civil rights organizations, such as Black Lives Matter. Just as a student who is hungry will have a hard time focusing on a math test, a human being who is being oppressed due to their skin color, religion, ethnicity, or anything else circumstantial to their existence, cannot be expected to worry about whether determinism precludes free will. A human who lives in fear for their life because our legal system, and not despite it, should not struggle with questions of metaphysics. This is a far more pressing issue. Philosophy has long pursued the answers to questions about how to create and maintain a just society, The Church of Black Coffee is proud to continue that tradition.


If we are going to think about the state of the world we live in, it’d be nice for that world to continue existing. While The Church of Black Coffee will entertain arguments from a great number of viewpoints, that humans are part of the environment, not outside of it, seems indisputable. Therefore, to protect ourselves, we need to try and protect the world we live on. We will strive to support organizations dedicated to preserving wild spaces, reducing carbon emissions, and saving species headed for extinction.

Stronger Together

If these are areas that you believe to be important, we hope you will consider donating. By pooling our resources, we can make a bigger impact with greater donations to organizations committed to making the world a better place. Thank you!