Stop Making Kids Pledge Their Allegiance To The Flag.

At the very beginning of every single school day, students are asked to pledge their allegiance to the flag of the United States, and acknowledge the existence of a god in doing so. My informal argument for why this is problematic follows. We teach students, or at least we ought to, to take their words … More Stop Making Kids Pledge Their Allegiance To The Flag.

Happy Vaisakhi!

Today is the Punjabi celebration of the solar New Year, a day correlated with the Spring Harvest, a time of new birth and rebirth. I had planned to spend the day gardening in celebration, but the monsoon that has consumed the Pacific Northwest rages into it’s 147th day, so we’re going to a Mariners game … More Happy Vaisakhi!

George Carlin

  1-28-18 There is a lot going on in this bit! -Among the first is the quandary of how a being can be all knowing, all powerful, and all good, and yet sentence human beings, who are flawed by his design, to an eternity of suffering. -The monetization of faith. -Going back to the supposed … More George Carlin