About us

General Idea

The idea is that meeting up with people once a week to talk about the universe and whatnot sounds great, but maybe we could leave out all the declarations of fact regarding unknown propositions. Can we remain conscious, in some way, after death? What’s it take to be a good person? What should we value in life? What does success mean? How do I achieve happiness? These questions, and pretty much all of the rest of them, are up for discussion at The Church of Black Coffee.

Why the Name?

Our founder likes black coffee.

Are there any fundamental beliefs required to be a member?

No. Though you should be able to either conjure up a decent argument for your position, or abandon it. A meaningful conversation between people who disagree is a beautiful thing, but sticking to a position you cannot defend is a waste of everyone’s time.

When and where do you meet?

We’re working on it. The current apocalypse isn’t helping, but I’m hoping to organize and maintain a weekly gathering space sometime soon.

Are you a charitable organization in search of donations?

Why yes, yes we are! Thank you for asking. In addition to providing educational, civic, and social services directly, The Church of Black Coffee will strive to provide grants to organizations dedicated to these same causes. To find out more hit the Donate button below!