Trans People Don’t Need Your Input.

I wanted to write about how dreams only last about 3 seconds a piece, but they seem way longer, and so maybe your dreams come equipped with a set of memories causing it to seem as though the action of the dream has gone on for far longer. It’d be like if you were just created five seconds ago, but with memories that suggest that a lifetime of experience. You can’t prove that isn’t the case by the way. That’s how I think long dreams work, pre-packaged memories. Also maybe life.

But no! I can’t. Know why? J.K. fucking Rowling. Her dumb ass and a bunch of other idiots seem to think that they need to open their maws in regards to transgender people. They don’t. I do though, because I’m not an idiot, and in case you encounter an idiot, you can tell them what I said.

Here is what I say: if some random person came up to me on the street and said, “I’m a man,” my response would be, “Hello a man, I’m dad,” because I am a dad and so am contractually obligated to respond as such. Really though, I’d have nothing to say, because why would anyone say that? Who the hell cares? That to me sums up the whole of what people being transgender means to me.

I have friends who are transgender. They had to come out, which, as their friend, pretty much amounts to the request that I call them by a different name and pronouns. No problem. I’d say it means nothing to me, but actually I’m always happy to hear someone decide to drop pretenses and live their life authentically. Someone embracing their gender and someone deciding to quit their advertising job to pursue painting makes me happy in the roughly same way.

Maybe there are interesting things to say about being transgendered, but not a single thing against the seems interesting at all. You’re worried about a guy putting a dress on and and going into the women’s bathroom? What fucking universe do you live in? Have you even been in a public restroom? That’s a legitimate question for Rowling, I imagine it’s been a very long time. They have doors on the stalls, locks and everything. You want to see genitalia? The public bathroom is a bad place to start. Well, unless you are in the men’s room, not sure what happened there but there is nothing stopping anyone from getting an eyeful. No one seems to be worried about women “pretending” to be a guy to sneek a peak though. It’d work like a charm, for anyone interested.

It’s also the case that coming out as transgendered seems like a huge pain in the ass. You have to tell everyone, most people pursue hormones, surgery potentially, and you have to deal with half-brained idiots like J.K. Rowling. People like Ben fucking Shapiro, who in a just universe would be selling salad choppers on QVC at 1:00 in the morning. There’s no upside to faking it! The only reason to go through with it is because your heart and soul can’t stand living a lie anymore.

Jesus. I thought I’d have more to say, but I don’t. It’s too straight forward. If you’ve spent a moment of your life worried about the fact that some people are transgendered, it was a wasted moment. Let people live. Better yet, support people in living a life that brings them joy.

J.K. Rowling, shut the fuck up. Ben Shapiro, you’re a whiny little boy with a microphone, and I hope the tear stains wash out of your pillow cases.

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